Top 5 reasons Why A Pet Monkey is a BAD Idea.


Monkey’s are cute – but is it okay to have a pet monkey? National Geographic asked that question to Debbie Leahy, manager of captive wildlife protection for the Humane Society of the United States.

why a pet monkey is a bad idea“No primate species should ever be kept as a pet. They have very special needs. These are highly social animals. They need to be kept with others of their own kind; that’s just critical to their psychological well-being”, was Debbie’s reply.

Still think you want a pet monkey?

Then consider the following Top 5 Reasons Why a Pet Monkey is a BAD Idea.

1. Slap, bite and pull hair  

As monkeys mature, they all have a tendency to be aggressive.

2. Zoontoic (infectious diseases)

They can easily be transmitted between human and monkey.  Hepatitis, herpes, measles and rabies are just a few of the diseases that you can catch from your monkey.

3. They are wild animals

They will destroy whatever they get their hands on. They haven’t been domesticated like cats and dogs and cannot be taught to respect your belongings.

4. Neurotic behavior

Monkey’s form very close bonds and it’s essential that they have social ties to their own species.  Depriving them of having relationships with their own kind causes neurotic behavior.

5. You’re stuck with him

Eventually that cute factor fades away – your little cute baby monkey is now a neurotic, aggressive, feces throwing adult.  Zoos receive many calls from people who are wanting to “get rid” of their pet monkey, but zoos will not take them because they have not been properly socialized, and it’s just too difficult to introduce them to the zoo’s monkeys.


 Photo: Thinkstock

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