Zeke Needs A Home


Looking for Your Help and a Miracle for this Old Dog

Zeke Needs A Home: Courtesy Post On Behalf of An Animal Rescue Volunteer – Amy at amylmcilwain@gmail.com

dog rescue - zeke needs a new home

ATLANTA GA:  So every now and then in volunteering at Fulton County Animal Shelter, you come across a dog that tugs at your heart – you know better, that your time and energy should be spent on other, more adoptable dogs.  Ones that you know you should just let go but you can’t…. meet Zeke.

About Zeke

Zeke is a 12 year old handsome old man, who is in terrible shape.  He’s very thin and showing signs of wasting.  He is seemingly deaf.  He has pretty serious arthritis.  He has an ear infection.  He has some hair loss.  He’s got some pretty nasty breath so I’m assuming there are some teeth that need to be removed.  He has terrible diarrhea.

On the plus side, he’s Heartworm negative somehow. Zeke has seemingly spent his entire life as a yard dog.  He has enormous black callouses on both elbows.  He’s a gentle but aloof old man.  In his kennel, he sleeps all day with his back against the kennel gate.  However, he did perk up when we took him in the yard and was definitely interested in lumbering around, taking in all the smells.  He wasn’t really interested in the people in the yard with him.  When you pet him, he tenses up, not as if he’s afraid but as if he is not accustomed to being touched.

Help Save Zeke Now

His time is limited as space at the shelter is at a premium right now and he has no chance of being adopted.  He is kenneled with other dogs and pays them no attention.  He has a huge head but small body. I’d guess his weight at about 50 lbs. The thought of him living out what little time he has left on the concrete at animal control, only to be euthanized breaks my heart.  I would love to find some angel out there who wouldn’t mind showing this poor guy love for the first time in his life, for the short time he has left. I don’t know of any rescues that would take a dog in such shape so I’m hoping that a kind soul will take pity on him and give him a comfortable place to spend his last days.  And who knows, given flea control, good food and meds, he might have more time than we think. He and the life he must have led absolutely breaks my heart. Thank you!!


Interested in adopting or helping Zeke?   Zeke is being held at the Fulton County Animal Shelter in GA.

Fulton County
Animal Services
860 Marietta Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Or please contact:   Amy at  amylmcilwain@gmail.com

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