3 Great Apps That Help Shelter Pets Find New Homes


Help Shelter Pets Find New Homes

If you’re an iPhone user and looking for a great shelter pet to adopt, there are a couple of apps that are perfect for helping find your next best friend.

This is the 21st century way of looking at pets without jumping in the car and driving to shelters in your area. But there are also some extra perks that these apps use to help you find exactly the kind of pet you looking for right in your neighborhood.

Let’s take a look at these three apps and how you can use them.

LikeThat Pets

Yes, there really is an “s” on the end of the word pet. It’s not a typo. LikeThat Pets can be found in the iTunes app store and has an entire gallery of breed pictures you can use to narrow down the type of pet you are looking for.

This is how it works: Either take a picture of the type of pet you’re looking for or use a picture in their gallery and the app will find similar pets in your area. It will tell you which shelter to go to just like the website PetFinder does.

Once the app has found what you’re looking for, they will provide you with the information you need to contact the shelter. After you’ve found your new furry BFF, and take a selfie and post it on the Like That Pets Facebook page.

Bark Buddy – Adopt a Dog Near You

The Bark Buddy iPhone app goes one step further than LikeThat Pets in that you can get pre-approved for adoption through the app. The questionnaire asks about your lifestyle, thoughts about training, and even the type of dog you would like to adopt.

According to the maker of the app, approval is a relatively simple and painless process and, once pre-approved, you can send your profile to rescue groups with a note about your details.

This app lets you browse through tons of puppy profiles and you can even share it with friends and save them as your favorites. In fact, as you navigate through, the app is smart enough to recognize the kinds of profiles you’re most interested in and it gives you more suggestions.

They even have something called a Bark Buddy Match package which guarantees you a match within 30 days.

Apps That Help Shelter Pets Find New Homes

All Paws – Search Adoptable Pets Near You

AllPaws allows you to browse pets that are available for adoption throughout the country. There are over 200,000 dogs, cats and other pets stored in its memory.

Just like with the other two apps, you can favorite pets and contact shelters and rescue groups directly. They even have a Facebook and Twitter share so you can help other pets get adopted faster.

These three apps are old focused on shelter animals and rescue groups to give pets a second chance at a forever home.

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