Springtime Safety Tips for Pets


Safety Tips for Pets

We humans aren’t the only ones in love with springtime warm weather. Our pets love it just as much as we do especially after being cooped up in the house during a cold winter.

Did you know that there are some things you need to keep in mind when spring has sprung? We put together this post for you to give you some ideas of how to keep your pets safe and happy this spring.

Open Windows, Open Doors

It’s so delightful to open up windows and doors on a nice spring day especially when it’s breezy and you can air the house out. Here’s the problem: if your windows and doors don’t have screens on them, your cats maybe likely to either take a tumble out the window or take a stroll around the neighborhood when you don’t want them to.

Keep your cats safe – especially if you live in a high-rise building – by making sure that your screens are secure.

Canine Seat Belts

Dogs love riding in the car but it can be dangerous for them especially if you have to come to a stop quickly. Do yourself a favor and get a canine seat belt that acts as a harness for them and attaches to your car’s seat belt. The seat belt in your car loops through an opening in the back of the harness and keep your dog safe.

Lawn Care

Spring is the time when you want to have a beautiful and lush lawn. But in order to do that you sometimes need to spread fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides which can be harmful to your cats and dogs. Check out the ASPCA website to get a full list of their garden care tips.

Springtime Safety Tips for Pets

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning has been an institution in American households for generations. But the cleaners you use can also be harmful to your pets. Try to use organic cleaning supplies as often as you can.

Make sure that any areas you clean are well ventilated and products have dried before letting pets back in.

Labels: This is where you must be a detective. It’s just like when you go to the grocery store and you’re trying to find out how much sugar is in a particular product. In this case, you want to see what kind of ingredients are listed on the label even if the product is categorized as pet friendly.

While products may be listed as all natural there could be some warnings on the label which means that this product can be more toxic than not for your pets.

Your Pet’s Home

Your home isn’t the only place to spring clean. Wash all of your pets bedding, food dishes and toys if you can. You’ll want to use a detergent that is free and clear of any kind of fragrances so you won’t risk skin irritation.

Spring is a wonderful time of year for humans and pets alike so keep everyone safe, happy and healthy.


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Image Credit:  istockphoto.com