6 Toys For Your Energetic Guinea Pig


Featured Image Source: Pixabay

Since the 16th century, when they were first introduced in Europe by traders who brought them all the way from South America, guinea pigs have become one of the most popular household pets in the world. Their docile, friendly nature, along with their willingness to impress and bond with their owners and ease of care are a few reasons why some people prefer guinea pigs over other high maintenance pets.

Despite being lazy by nature, guinea pigs are relatively active rodents who love to play and engage with their owners and other animals. An active pig is a healthy pig, and to encourage your furry friend to be less lazy, you will need the appropriate toys. For this article, we have handpicked several toys that we thought are interesting enough to merit a mention. If you want to see more similar products, make sure to click here and read this comprehensive article from Toy Pet Reviews.  Without further ado, here are six toys for your energetic guinea pig.

Mrli Pet Teeth Grinding Lava Block Calcium Stone

Guinea pigs, like most other rodents, are dominated by an incessant urge to chew because their teeth are continuously growing throughout their lives. So, instead of letting your furry friend chew on the bars of his cage or giving him sugar cubes, you could pick up these grinding stones from Mrli. Made out of lava rock, these tiny chew instruments will do wonders to your guinea pig’s oral health, as they will keep his teeth healthy, clean and at an adequate length. Apart from the oral health aspect, these colorful lava blocks will also keep the guinea pig’s mind active and stimulated and help him manage his feelings of anxiety.

Kaytee Giant Chinchilla Run-About Exercise Ball

While guinea pigs are lazy by nature, when they eventually get into the mood of playing, few things are capable of stopping them. If your guinea pig gets a sudden bout of excess energy, this giant exercise ball from Kaytee is the perfect solution for this situation. Grab your guinea pig, place him inside the ball, shut the little hatch off and let him do the rest.

In this ball, your guinea pig can safely explore your entire house without getting stuck behind the couch or under various furniture pieces. Therefore, if you are getting tired of reaching after your guinea pig whenever he finds himself trapped in a tight space, make sure to give this toy from Kaytee a try.

Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel

Guinea pigs are frightful and anxious creatures who are instinctually driven to seek hiding spots in order to feel safe. And with this Crinkle Tunnel from Kaytee, you can kill two birds with one stone – managing your pig’s feelings of anxiety and ensuring that he gets enough physical activity.

This tunnel toy can serve multiple functions – as a makeshift hiding spot, a comfortable and cozy resting nest, and an entertaining playing ground. It is made out of durable, washing machine friendly materials so once you buy it, you will not need to get another one for the foreseeable future. However, one big drawback of this toy is the fact that it is not safe for chewing, so you should not let your guinea pig play with it unsupervised.

Wheeky Treat Ball

Similar to dogs, cats and other pets, guinea pigs too need sufficient mental stimulation in order to stay happy and healthy. This treat ball from Wheeky (which can also be given to other small animals) is the perfect way to keep your guinea pig engaged and active. Simply fill it up with your pet’s favorite treats and let your pig try to work out how to get the maximum amount of food in one go. It is a simple, fun interactive toy that will help you and your guinea pig bond.

Kaytee Super Sleeper Cuddle-E-Cup

When your guinea pig is ready for some shuteye after a long day of running around and munching on carrots, this cuddly nest from Kaytee will provide him with the most comfortable rest possible. This cozy bed’s interior is made out of a super soft fleece material and, coupled with the high walls, your guinea pig will feel safe and pleasant. While you can safely throw it in the washing machine together with other clothes without ruining it, make sure not to put it through a drier, otherwise it might become matted.

Interpret Limited Tropical Fiddle Sticks

For those wanting a reliable, multi-purpose toy that guinea pigs can use both to rest and play, this adorable and colorful product from Interpret is the right choice. This neat little contraption, which measures about 9.62 inches in height and 11.87 inches in width, will encourage and satisfy your guinea pig’s chewing and hiding instincts. Furthermore, if your pig gets bored with it, you can easily ‘’trick’’ him by bending and reshaping the toy in a different form. However, as useful and fun this toy is, some users have reported that it has a short lifespan, with their guinea pigs chewing through it in a few months, so you might be forced to replace it every now and then.


Despite being lazier than your average pet, guinea pigs too need lots of physical and mental activity to stay happy and healthy. Because guinea pigs are, by nature, anxious and frightful, owners should focus on toys that tap into the pet’s natural nesting and chewing instincts. Thesed six toys that we have presented throughout this article are one of the best options on the market in this respect, so make sure to give them a shot next time you are out shopping.