How to Date a Cat Lover


Women are divided into two types: cat lovers and dog lovers. However, men are somewhat afraid of cat lovers. Perhaps this is because cat lovers are associated with grannies living in the neighborhood and feeding all the cats around. But after all, grannies and young women are quite different people. And if you want to date a girl who adores cats, you need to know something about her. 

  1.   She is a normal girl. Who is a cat lover? A girl who has a cat? Two? Ten? The majority of such girls are ordinary people. Very few of them become antisocial old women, about whom neighbors complain. She is proud of her cat. They have the same strong friendship as a man with a dog in the stories of Jack London. But they don’t storm the snowy desert, but sit side by side on the couch and watch TV for example.
  2.   She is not obsessed with cleanliness and accuracy. Just visit a woman who has a cat. You will see cat hair almost everywhere. A cat’s plate with food will necessarily be surrounded by scraps of this very food because cats like to pull it out and eat on the floor. Well, a cat’s toilet is not the purest thing in the world. So, she will not yell at you if you accidentally forget a wet towel on the bed. You can check!
  3.   Don’t be embarrassed when she tells a cat how her day went. This is normal. A cat can seem more understanding than a man. And don’t even tell her that she is spending too much on cat food.
  4.   She will not manipulate you. Researchers of domestic animals found that the owners of cats are much more direct people than all the rest, and, moreover, reliable. So, if you want to just have fun with someone, it’s better to go to the stadium, where you can walk dogs. There you can tease dogs and throw them sticks, amusing yourself with a couple of dogs. If you want a friend, who will not make you unpleasant surprises, whose actions can only be interpreted in one way, date a girl who has a cat.  
  5.   A can lover doesn’t mean a dog hater. Perhaps a man owns a dog and a woman owns a cat. And there will be difficulties when they want to live together. And maybe not. It depends on the individual characteristics of your animals, on whose territory their acquaintance occurs, and many other factors. If your dog and her cat like each other – it’s a quick way to her heart. It’s just like if you made friends with her baby.
  6.      She doesn’t need emotional care. Perhaps you don’t like to talk, listen, and take care of feelings. Then you found what you need! No, she’s not an unfeeling bit of ice. She is just very strongly attached to her cat emotionally and her days are filled with a constant care about it. She hugs and strokes it all day long. Believe me, she gives it a lot of time. Therefore, all the same researchers characterize the co-owners as amiable and modest. Just what you need!
  7.   She respects your desire to be alone with yourself. When was the last time you lived in an apartment with a cat? These are very independent fluffy pets. Because of this independence and the close emotional connection with a girl, a cat is available to communicate with people only when it wants. And owners of cats respect this desire to be close to the mood, which means that a girl will respect your desire to be alone as well.
  8.   She’s smart. Cats are wiser than other people. Of course, your IQ will not skyrocket as soon as you bring this fluffy creature at home. In 2010, a study showed that owners of cats often have higher education and work more in higher paid jobs. Cats are better suited to this lifestyle than dogs because you have to go for a walk every few hours with them.