Celebrity Alison Eastwood Launches FosterFurKids.com – A First Of A Kind Animal Rescue Website


Alison Eastwood – Determined To Save Homeless Pets

alison eastwood, foster fur kids

Hollywood celebrity Alison Eastwood (yes – that’s Clint Eastwood’s daughter) has an idea on how to save more animals. I had the privilege of speaking with her about her animal rescue efforts and her new and unique pet rescue networking website – called FosterFurKids.com.

What struck me immediately when talking with Alison Eastwood, is her level of involvement and knowledge of the pet rescue community. She definitely ‘walks her talk’ and has a genuine passion when it comes to helping animals. Eastwood understands that in order to make a big impact on saving homeless pets – she can’t do it alone. Rescuing animals takes collaboration and usually, it’s a coordinated effort with many people involved. “I just want to help support all of the animal rescue organizations in their efforts and in the great work that they do”, Eastwood told me. So her plan is to help increase the level of involvement and create a network for people who want to help animals in need.

FosterFurKids.com Website Goes Live

In January, Eastwood’s new website – FosterFurKids.com – went live. The first online network that connects rescue groups and animal shelters with both volunteer fosters and transporters throughout the United States.

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“More than 7 million pets end up in county shelters each year”, Eastwood stated. She further explained that rescue organizations need help in saving these animals from being euthanized. Fostering an animal is a great way to help out. If someone wants to foster, they can sign-up on FosterFurKids.com to connect with and find animal rescues organizations and shelters in need of foster homes.You can set up your own profile and easily search for a dog or cat based on your desired characteristics – like breed, age, gender, etc.

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Photos of Alison Eastwood at the “No Pet Left Behind” shelter pardon event that they hosted at a high-kill shelter.

Help Wanted! Transporting Homeless Dogs and Cats

Additionally, some organizations need help with transporting pets. The pet overpopulation is a big problem in both the southeast and southwest. Ironically, the northern states are quite different. They have a ‘shortage’ of available pets for adoption, explained Eastwood. So if anyone is interested in helping to transport dogs and cats – they can sign up and get involved through Foster Fur Kids as well.

Eastwood stays busy with pet transports. For example, she shared that ‘owning’ a Chihuahua is trendy in the southwest thanks to the popularity of movies like Beverly Hill’s Chihuahua. Unfortunately, many of these dog owners eventually lose interest and abandon or give up their Chihuahua. Just recently, Eastwood helped to transport over 100 Chihuahuas up north where they found loving and caring homes.

alison eastwood, foster fur kids
Alison Eastwood – transporting shelter animals to new homes

As I mentioned earlier, Alison Eastwood believes in collaboration – she partners with multiple pet transport organizations. She works with Wings of Rescue – a group of volunteer pilots who fly pets up north and to places where dogs and cats can find homes. She also sits on the board of directors for Rescue Express.

Additional Features

There are also opportunities for paid fosters and transporters. Some rescues are willing to pay a weekly or monthly foster fee so that more people will open up their homes. It a cheaper alternative to boarding in a kennel. Transporters are paid per mile to transport pets from local shelters to foster homes. Rescues cover all necessities (food, bedding, collars, leashes, bowls, vet care), so it doesn’t cost them a thing. Rescues typically cover all necessities (food, bedding, collars, leashes, bowls, kitty litter, vet care), so it doesn’t cost you anything out of pocket.

People can also pledge a pet foster fund so they have somewhere to go if a rescue is able to pull that dog from the shelter.

Rescues & Shelters – Please Sign Up and Register

Now, when I tested out the website, I found that there were not any dogs or cats available for fostering in my area. (That’s because shelters/animal rescue organization in my area have not yet signed up and entered their available pets for fostering). Eastwood explained that they are just now getting started. Soon she and her organization will be reaching out to shelters to inform them about her networking website.

But here’s my message to shelters and rescue organizations – don’t wait for an invite. Go ahead and sign up now. You may be the first to sign up in your area. This will only help increase public awareness about your organization as well as your dogs or cats who need homes.

Rescues and Shelters can sign up by clicking on the link below:



Images: These images are owned and provided by Foster Fur Kids.

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