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I received Bonito Fish Flakes & compensation from Chef Asako. However, the opinions and text are all mine. I only share information I feel is relevant to my readers.

Dog Training Tip – How To Hold Your Dog’s Attention

K9U Dog trainer and behavior expert, Susan Giordano gave me a dog training tip. She told me that, “when using dog treats during training sessions, use the yummiest dog treats you can find.”  You not only want to get your dogs attention – you also want to hold your dog’s attention and keep him focused on you.

I have two dogs who love food. So finding tasty treats for them is not hard. I’ve been working a lot with my young black labrador retriever, Rio. He is smart and learns quickly. He’s a labrador, therefore, he LOVES all food. I’ve sometimes used cut up hot dogs or pieces of boiled chicken as special treats. But most of the time I use his regular dry food kibble and he seems happy with that as a treat. I thought that since some dogs love food so much that it’s perfectly fine to use just kibble when training.  Until now….

Bonito Fish Flakes For Dogs

A few weeks ago I received a sample of Bonito FISHY FLAKES® for dogs from Chef Asako. The Bonito fish flakes are thinly shaved flakes of fish (they kind of look like jerky). They are cooked and smoked and apparently ultra healthy for dogs (and cats). I opened the sample package and pulled out one of the bonito fish flake treats. As I started to examine the package, I dropped my hand (with the treat) down to my side. Just as I was about to read the label, something chomped down on my hand that was holding the bonito fish flake. Like a shark, Rio had immediately smelled the bonito fish treat and circled around behind me for a surprise attack. At first, I was very disappointed and irritated by Rio’s behavior. Never before had he so rudely taken a treat out of my hand.

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Rio made me aware that he wanted more of the bonito fish flakes. Without being queued, he quickly sat directly at my feet, his eyes and attention locked on me. Now that’s the good behavior I expected to see – and that’s also when I realized that some dog treats are better than others.

Training Session With Bonito Fish Flakes

Rio is well behaved is most areas. But we still have a lot of work to do with the leash. When I get out the leash, he gets super excited and just wants to go for a run. He is a very social dog and he pulls on the leash whenever we walk by other people and dogs. He also wants to smell ever bush or tree that we pass by. When we go for walks, his attention is everywhere – except on me.  So I decided to bring along some of the bonito Fishy Flakes dog treats during our walk.

So how well did I keep his attention with the bonito fish flakes dog treats?  Let’s just say that it went better than I anticipated. He walked calmly by my side and kept his eyes on me. We walked by my neighbor and even stopped to talk. Rio paid no attention to him – he did not pull on the leash as he normally would have in an attempt to greet and meet someone. Instead, he sat patiently with his eyes fixated on me. Periodically, I’d break off a piece of the bonito fish flake and reward him for his good leash walking behavior.  My neighbor even commented on how well behaved he is on the leash….(in situations like this, just smile and nod).

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Rio walking nicely on the leash – his attention is totally on me!

We need to keep practicing leash walking. But I’m confident that the bonito fish flakes dog treats will help keep his attention during our leash training sessions.

Bonito Fish Health Benefits

Bonito (also known as katsuobushi) is related to the tuna family. Fishy Flakes from Asako are 100% bonito fish – no additives or preservatives and no other ingredients. Additionally, they are high in protein and low in fat. This is a yummy and healthy treat for your dog (and cat). They are produced in Japan by Chef Asako.  She manufactures seafood products for humans.  But she started making bonito fish flakes treats out of her love for animals and the desire to give them the healthiest treats possible. Therefore, her pet products are human grade too.

Recent studies have shown that eating bonito fish has several health benefits. Japanse researchers found that the peptides in bonito fish help to lower blood pressure for both humans and animals.

Other experts suggest that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish help with inflammation and are good for dogs with food allergies.

Final Thoughts and Things To Consider

Not all bonito fish flakes brands are the same. Again, the reason I prefer Bonito Fishy Flakes from Chef Asako is because there is only one ingredient and it contains no preservatives nor additives. Chef Asako also makes Fish Chews. Both of my dogs loved the chews. However, my dogs are heavy chewers and they devoured the chews very quickly. So I’ll be sticking with just the treats. As a reminder about dog chews – regardless of the type or brand – you should always closely monitor your pet with all dog chew products.

I also appreciate a business that demonstrates transparency.  Chef Asako’s YouTube videos take you behind the scenes, showing how the fish flakes are made – the cooking and smoking process that takes place in her facility in Mt. Fuji.

I’m overall very pleased with the Fishy Flakes – it’s a healthy dog treat alternative and my dogs absolutely love them.

Where To Purchase Bonito Fish Flakes

Currently, you can purchase Chef Asako’s Bonito Fishy Flakes on Amazon.  However, later this year, you will be able to find them also at Petco stores.

Learn more about the Bonito Fishy Flakes by visiting: www.asakosasaki.com

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