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Doberman Pinscher (along with German Shepherds and Rottweilers) have gotten a bad rap from the movies.  Because they look fierce, they are usually cast in the bad guy roles of attack dogs.  Actually, these elegant and athletic dogs are intelligent, loving, energetic and kind.  They do make good watch dogs and are fiercely loyal to their family.  Dobermans are not the right breed for everyone; like all breeds, the Doberman has just the right qualifications for just the right family.  Dobermans also make good search and rescue dogs, service dogs and are excellent at the agility course.

The Doberman’s Ancestral Roots

Although somewhat obscure, experts agree that the Doberman Pincher was developed in Germany in the 1900s to be guard dogs.  It is speculated that the Doberman is a cross breed of Rottweiler, Black and Tan Terrier, and the German Pincher.  The Doberman is considered a “new” breed of dog since his lineage only dates back to the 1900s.  Nevertheless, the Doberman is a popular breed.

Doberman Pinscher Temperament & Personality

We have already established that the Doberman Pinscher is smart, loyal and loving; what else can prospective families expect should they adopt a Doberman into the family?  The Doberman is very athletic and energetic.  Therefore, he will require a lot of exercise.

The Doberman makes an ideal family dog. One of his great loves is his human family members.  He will stick by your side, wanting just to be with you.  The Doberman is good with children and guests as long as he is treated kindly and perceives no threat.  In situations where there is anger and raised voices the Doberman will become protective.  He loves you and will fearlessly defend you, and with his powerful, muscular build, he can do some serious damage.

Distinct and Elegant

The Doberman has a distinctive, elegant look due to his ears, which stand up on either side of the head, giving him a perpetually alert look.  His athletic build also adds an air of aristocracy.  Normally the ears and tail are docked when the Dobie is a puppy, but some breeders do only the tail.

Dobermans are fairly large dogs, weighing in at around 60 to 80 pounds.  Keep this in mind also when considering a Doberman.  Dobies can also be subject to hip dysplasia, so look for a health clearance in this area when choosing a puppy.  The breeder should also provide evidence that the parents have been cleared as well.

Training your Doberman

Dobermans are highly trainable due to their high intelligence.  Because Dobermans are so intelligent, they require a lot of mental stimulation also.  Your Doberman needs to be properly trained and socialized, so take this into account when deciding if the Doberman is for you.  If you lead a very busy life with a marginal amount of time for what the Dobie needs, it’s best to choose another breed.

Do Dobermans require a lot of Grooming?

Dobermans have short hair, requiring only minimal grooming.  In addition, he doesn’t have a strong doggy odor so he doesn’t require a lot of bathing either.  Weekly bushing with a rubber curry should be sufficient and baths only if he gets muddy or rolls in something stinky.

All dogs should have their teeth brushed two or three times a week to keep down tarter build up and guard against gum disease.  Daily brushing is even better.  Nails should be trimmed once a month or when you can hear them clicking on the floor when your Dobie walks.  If you are unsure about cutting the nails yourself, it is worth it to take him to a groomer.  It doesn’t take but one time of cutting too short and drawing blood to make your dog gun shy about the clippers.

Dobies make great pets and are a wonderful addition to the family.  Do some research on local breeders and get recommendations before you go out to look.  With a little diligence and preparation, you and your family will gain a loyal and loving family companion with years of joy ahead for all.

Adopt A Purebred Doberman

Please consider adopting before purchasing through a breeder. Please avoid purchasing a animal from a pet store. There are plenty of pure bred Dobermans and Doberman mixes in need of good homes. Click here to search for you a Doberman Pinchers in need of adoption near you: <Petfinder>

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