Time is Running Out For This Special Blind Dog


blind dog 1
Stray blind dog needs rescue



Hi, my name is Esther Nunley and I am a volunteer with the McMinn Regional Humane Society in Athens, Tennessee.  We help operate the City of Athens Animal Shelter. We have a stray, senior male dog that is blind. He came to the shelter on September 9th.  He is very sweet and calm.  Everyone is drawn to him because of his easy going and laid back personality.  He gets along well with everyone as well as with other dogs.  We would like to find a secure place for him to spend the rest of his life. We don’t believe his life has been easy and we can see that he most likely has been chained.

He is on a time clock here and is scheduled to be euthanized by October 9th or sooner if the shelter becomes overcrowded.

blind dog needing rescue
Stray blind dog needs rescue

He appears to be in good health other than his blindness but is heartworm positive.

If anyone is interested in meeting this kind old soul please contact us or visit our shelter.  We are located between Knoxville and Chattanooga off I-75.

Please Contact

Esther Nunley

Animal Shelter Contact Information

McMinn Regional Humane Society
Athens Animal Shelter
219 Alford Street
Athens, TN 37303
Open M-F 1:30-5:30pm Saturday Noon-4pm

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