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Pet News

Wagbrag keeps you updated on the latest pet news. From the cute and funny pet stories to the more serious issues affecting your pets - check out Wagbag's All News for what's trending today.

February is Responsible Pet Owner Month

Being a Responsible Owner (part 1) February, in addition to being Black History Month and Heart Disease Awareness Month, is also Responsible Pet Owner Month. Here at Wag Brag, we take being a responsible pet...

Caffery the Cat – Gets Along Fine with Two Legs

While my family is in the process of adopting a new cat who has only one eye, I can’t help but to be absorbed by the news about the two legged cat, Caffery, who...

The Passing of Barney – Grieving for Your Pet

Barney, the Scottish Terrier, who belonged to former president George W. Bush, has died.  Barney was twelve years old and passed away due to his battle with Lymphoma.  We can all still picture this...
chew antlers for dogs

Antlers: For Your Dog (not Ray Lewis)

As Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Ray Lewis, is preparing for this weekend's Superbowl match up against the 49ers, he is also having to contend with allegations that he used a banned substance, known as deer antler spray....

Cats Kill Billions…! Why Your Cat Should be an Indoor Cat

The cat's prowess is creating quite a buzz due to a recent study.  Nature Communications, who publishes biological, physical and chemical science research articles, reported that cats kill billions of birds and small mammals...

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