Catstacam: A New Instagram Device for Felines


Catstacam: A New Instagram Device for Felines

This could very well be the height of cuteness for your cat. What is it? It’s a device that hangs around your cat’s neck and takes pictures of where he’s going.

Now, there is a bit of the voyeur in all of us who would love to see what our pets see from their eyes and at their level. We’d also like to know where they go outside and this will give you a some idea without sticking a GPS under the skin or on their collar.

This device is called a catstacam which allows uploads pictures to Instagram and turns your favorite feline into a photographer.

How it Works

The catstacam is a wearable collar camera currently being developed that automatically posts pictures to your cat’s Instagram account. Yes, you got that right. You will set up a new Instagram account … for your cat.

This will allow Fluffy or Molly or Zeke to be the author of their own creations. The camera will automatically snap six photographs a minute and then share them on Instagram when your cat comes within shouting range of a Wi-Fi network. And, of course, the Wi-Fi network cannot be secure because your cat will not be able to put in a password.


This device is being developed by a cat food manufacturer named Whiskas. The developers thought that creating a motion activated device is a great alternative to following your cat around with your cell phone.

If you’ve ever wondered what your cat was looking at in the distance, you may be able to see it now that you will have pictures from her level.


Part of the fun of this device is that it comes specially packaged. The package itself turns into a fun toy for your cat. The box turns into a multi-sided toy with yarn attached to another box.


Here’s the cuteness factor: As your cat is wandering through the house or the back yard or the neighborhood, you will be able to have her Instagram account up on your phone to see what she sees.

This may also be a great device for tracking a lost cat and getting her home faster.

 New Instagram Device for Felines

Where Can You Get One?

Unless you’re Angelina Jolie or Reese Witherspoon, this device is not currently available commercially as it is still in the beta testing prototype stage. Whiskas is testing a number of catstacams on the felines owned by celebrities.

The release date for this device has not even been planned yet because Whiskas developers want to make sure they have all of the bugs taken out.

We can say this: The moment this device hits the market, be prepared to have the Internet flooded even more with cute pictures and Instagram accounts owned by cats.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if we could calm the world’s tensions by having a little competition to see whose catstacams get the most likes on Instagram?

We’ll let you know as soon as it happens.

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