Creative Ways to Pet-Proof Your New Apartment



Having a pet at home is a great thing and a source of happiness every day. However, when this furry bundle of joy comes into your life, that brings a lot of responsibilities. Especially if we are talking about a small pet like a puppy or a kitten. One of the biggest problems most pet owners encounter at the beginning is how to make their living space pet-friendly and suitable for human and animal ways of life. With this in mind, we have created a list of several creative ways to pet-proof your new apartment before your furry companion arrives.

1. The right choice of furnishing elements

Stylizing a new living space is something most people enjoy doing. Buying new furniture, decorations, putting everything together. However, if a new pet is about to move in with you, there are some things you need to consider before buying any of the furnishing elements.

When it comes to the choice of upholstery, you should reach for durable and stan-proof materials. Leather is, according to some experts, one of the best. It is easy to maintain and clean and does not keep the bed smell. Moreover, if you choose leather in some brown nuances such as cognac, even accidental or on-purpose scratches won’t bring you too much trouble. Your sofa or armchair would still look vintage and stylish. Another pretty good option and a cheaper one would be microfiber.

Let you and your pet feel comfortable and at home. Choose the right furniture and employ the ways to pet-proof your new apartment.

On the other hand, we can’t but mention the carpets. Although most would say dark-colored fabrics and rugs will make the stains and dirt invisible, the truth is they do the contrary. So, if you want to mask the accidents your pet makes, simply choose a colorful carpet with some pattern.

2. Create their playing realm- one of the creative ways to pet-proof your new apartment

Moving into a new apartment with a pet is a thing. Especially if your pet is used to having a wide playing area in a garden or a park near your old home. But, if there is no appropriate open space for your pet to play near your home, you should make one inside the apartment.

Play smart and create a unique pet corner. Let your pet has its bed, food bowl, and a basket with toys, and let them all be in one specific corner of the room. Some pet owners even choose improvised tent-like houses or fence the playing area with decorative barriers. All that will get your pet used to its place in your home. Plus, it’ll prevent the overall mess of toys and food. All you need is to be creative. And if you need some help moving in with these things to your new apartment, especially if it’s long distance, a group of skilled people can assist you any time.

3. When chewing is the problem

Another frequent problem of keeping a pet in your apartment is their chewing habits. Furry friends, especially the small ones are prone to chewing. That’s mostly when they are stressed, bored, or going through a teething period. They would go for the wooden furniture legs, your decoration, or your shoes. Almost everything they come across. That is why you should make up some creative ideas on pet-proofing your apartment from these accidents.

When it comes to pet dogs, one of the ways to prevent them from chewing your furniture is to offer them a bone. Rubber toys and teeth-specific treats will also work pretty well. Moreover, many pet experts even propose trying a frozen carrot. However, non of these would work unless you devote time to teaching your pet not to make a mess and damage things all around.

Pets need some entertainment. Don’t let them find it by themselves.

4. Cupboards and trash cans

Pets are the same as little kids, everlasting little explorers. There is no hidden place in your home that your dog would not like to open, check and investigate. That’s why it’s crucial to have all your cupboards and closets firmly closed. Particularly those where you keep medicines or some poisonous chemicals. Using a decorative ribbon to tie the handles is one of the smart ways to pet-proof your new apartment.

On the other hand, another very alluring place for curious pets is your trash can. Since we sometimes dispose of some sharp items there or some pet-toxic food, it’d be better for our trash can to have a pet-proof lid. Moreover, try never to leave any bags with clothes or some gadgets and equipment out of the cupboards and closets. Be sure it won’t take long till your pet figures out it can reach them. However, if you need extra space for your things, Clean Cut Moving suggests getting a storage place that can save you from a lot of trouble.

5. Dangerous areas

Pets are usually prone to doing tricks and finding ways to reach dangerous areas in your apartment. What’s more, when it comes to safety measures, your pets are as risky as small kids. That is why you should protect them from entering all the potentially dangerous areas.

One such place is your balcony. Pets like exploring heights. This is not a good idea, especially if your apartment is on a higher floor. For that reason, you must have bars or fiberglass on your balcony. Next, come the windows. Make sure they are closed when you leave the room. Don’t let your curious cat find out what’s going on outside by peeking from the open window. Finally, we’ll mention the fireplace. Although your pet should never sniff around it, the fireplace is especially dangerous during the winter months. Fence it with decorative barriers. It will help you protect your furry friend, and it can look nice too.

Cats can be too self-confident when it comes to heights.

If you are planning to get a pet, and your home is not adequately prepared for that, you’d better start making changes right away. Check out our creative ways to pet-proof your new apartment, and find some ideas that can be useful for you. Living with a pet is not an easy decision. It’s a responsible one, and it requires love and devotion.