Remedies and Tips For Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks


dog afraid of fireworks remedy, tips on how to calm your dog during fireworks


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Our expert, Susan Giordano – K9U Trainer and behaviorist – recommends that you leave your pet at home, and indoors, during the fireworks celebration. Whether it’s a thunderstorm or fireworks show that causes your pet stress, here are some tips that will help calm and comfort your pet:


Tips On How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks Celebration


Plenty Of Exercise

Exercise your dog and make sure she is physically tired before the fireworks/noise begins. Plenty of exercise reduces anxiety and stress. Plus, exercise helps release the body’s feel-good chemical called serotonin.


The Thundershirt wraps around your dog (or cat) and provides a calming effect by applying a gentle yet constant pressure. Follow the directions to create a positive association with the shirt BEFORE the noises start – a day or two in advance, if possible.

Yummy Treats

Prepare pea size yummy treats before the event and have them ready. Use something yummier than your normal dog treats – use steak, chicken, hot dogs, cheese, or something else really stinky that your dog usually does not get to enjoy.

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During the fireworks and noise, try feeding the treats, one at a time, each time a burst of noise happens. Try to time it exactly when the noise happens. This is a great way to distract your dog from the loud fireworks noise.

Good H2O

Make sure you have plenty of water available for your dog to drink; stress causes thirst, as do the yummy treats.

Find A Cozy Place

Find a place indoors as far away from the noise as possible. Your den, or an inside room of the house is preferable.

Play Music

Music that is slow and calming should be played in the inside room where your dog is going to be during the fireworks.

Comfort Your Dog

It is okay to comfort your dog if he gets anxious during the event. If he wants to be close to you, let him. Be calm, and use slow, even strokes when you pet him.

Play Games

If he doesn’t appear to be overly stressed or anxious, play a game with him or practice some fun tricks, if he knows any. Just tossing a ball around the room or playing tug is a way of distracting your dog and getting his mind off of the noise if possible.

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