Woman Under Fire After Doing THIS To Her Dog


Animal abuse comes in may shapes, forms, and apparently colors.

Pet dental hygienist Summer Wilson is being called out on animal abuse for dog dyeing her Great Dane. Apparently, it took Wilson seven hours to turn her dog Fiona, into this:

dog dyeing great dane

Wilson has come under attack after posting a photo and video on Facebook of the dog, who clearly looks upset, as her tail is tucked in-between her legs, which is a sign of fear or stress. However, Wilson doesn’t seem to think she’s done anything wrong and says she used a  paintbrush and a dye called OPAWZ, which is supposedly completely safe.

“What started as just a coloring of the legs has turned into one of the most exciting looks of the year for creative,” Wilson wrote on a grooming website. “Ask any colorist with an empty canvas and a bit of extra time, what happens. You keep going and filling your canvas! Fiona enjoyed the extra attention and stood the entire time unrestrained on the table.”

Even so, a petition has been started, and has over 1,000 signatures. “An animal is not for playing and painting! An animal is alive and feels pain like a human! That dumb woman should know things like that! If she like painting, use the paint in your face!!! Be more responsible for your dog!!!!” one per wrote.

Another person highlighted the warning label when using OPAWZ. “CAUTION: CANNOT be used on dogs under 6 months. CANNOT use on cats. DO NOT USE on dogs that have sensitive, irritated or damaged skin. DO NOT allow dog to lick. AVOID CONTACTING skin directly when applying color dye or lightening cream. APPLY isolation cream FIRST on skin if necessary especially for ears and tail areas. AVOID contact with eyes and mouth. If it happens, rinse immediately with plenty of water for 15 minutes. If ALLERGIC reaction happens, discontinue use immediately and consult a veterinarian. If the dog is the first time to use opawz Dog Hair Dye, 48 hours test on a small area before applying.”

This is obviously not the first time dog dyeing has been done, and even if the process is completely non-toxic, there are still psychological ramifications to doing this to your pet. He/she can become uncomfortable by the amount of attention he/she is receiving. Pets cannot process what has happened, and therefor can become anxious or scared.

Do you think dog dyeing is OKAY?

H/T The DoDo