Abused Dog Cried At First Sign Of Affection, But Not Anymore!


Many people often take for granted the emotions of animals. These creatures are not only able to feel sadness, happiness and fear. Abused animals in particular are more sensitive to the negative emotions, as was the case with this abused dog from Romania.

This video shows the dog being petted for the first time during his stay at the Breasta Animal Shelter. As he was touched, he cried and howled in the corner at of pure fear. Of course, the video went viral, and luckily, with a little tender love and care, the pup has been transformed.

He was rescued by Kerry Wollacott who lives in the United Kingdom. Wollacot wrote on Facebook, that Kayne (yes, that’s his new name!), was flown to the United Kingdom on December 17, and is now a happy dog, who doesn’t cry when he gets petted. “I’m sure you all remember the now-famous crying pup, his video was spread far and wide his scream tugging on everyone’s heartstrings. Well here is little Kayne he’s just had a visit to the vets to have his vaccinations ready for him to leave Romania on the 17th Dec to start his new life in the UK. When he left Breast he weighed 6kg now thanks to lots of love and care he now weighs 9.5kg! huge thank you to a generous donator who paid most of the travel cost.”

kayne abused dog cries when touched

Sending all the best to Kayne and his new family!

Have you rescued an abused dog?