WATCH: Neglected Dog’s Incredible Gesture For Help


We often stress how important it is to report puppy mills in your area. Puppy mills function purely on the idea of making money, and more often than not, the conditions in which the dogs are kept are inhumane, to say the least.

As was the case with this pup named Duffy. Duffy was foundby the Humane Society laying in a laundry room near toxic detergent in a puppy mill in Randolph County, Arkansas. His fur was severely matted, his was covered in feces, and too weak to stand. However, the 8-year-old Great Pyrenees mix was not ready to give up. He lifted his paw into the hand of the rescuer as a sign for help.

puppy mill rescue

After he was rescued, Duffy was brought back to his true self, learned to walk again, and discovered his love for the great outdoors.


Duffy, along with 45 other animals where rescued from the puppy mill. Owner Sandra Croney has been convicted of animal cruelty. However, she will only be fined and unable to own animals for a year. Is this justice? Not by any means, but it is a start.

Watch Duffy’s video below, and remember, puppy mills are not the way to go. Adopting a dog from a local shelter is our recommended choice.

H/T The DoDo

To report a puppy mill in your area, click here.