5 Unique Dog Breeds


Unique Dog Breeds…

For a moment, step away from the common favorite dog breeds like retrievers and hounds, poodles and terriers, and check out these five unique dog breeds.

1. Azawakh

unique dog breeds Azawakh

Breed History
: Originally from the African Sahel region, this sight hound has accompanied wanderers for generations as hunting a guard dogs.

Appearance: Resembling the stature of a greyhound or whippet, this breed weighs between 33 and 55 pounds and stands about two feet tall.

Personality: This smart breed have a strong drive to chase prey and must be supervised around other small animals. They love their families fiercely and adapt best to new situations as puppies.

Health Concerns: The Azawakh has a susceptibility to hypothyroidism and a bleeding disease called von Willebrand’s.

Trainability: Like most purebred dogs, early and consistent training is best.

Grooming Requirements: This breed has an easy care short coat and should be brushed just once a week. Trim her nails and clean her ears regularly and you’re good to go.

Fun Fact: The breed is referred to as “Aidi N’Ailluli,” meaning “Noble Dogs of the Free People.”

Reference Links: http://www.vetstreet.com/dogs/azawakh

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