Dog Reunited With Owner After Two Years: Video


This story starts out with a very common theme that many animal rescuers have heard before. But this story has a small twist with a happy ending. According to WREX news, Jose had fallen on hard times and could not keep his dog. Jose thought he was doing what was best and ended up giving his dog, named Chaos, away temporarily to a friend of a friend. After a few month, Jose was doing better and was ready to get Chaos back. However, the person who had been caring for Chaos refused to give the him back. Now two years later, the dog ran away but was picked up by Winnebago animal control. Jose had originally microchipped his dog and apparently was still listed as the owner. Check out this heartwarming reunion.  Dogs obviously have a good memory. Keep reading below for tips on what to do if you have pets and fall on hard times.

Fallen On Hard Times?

If you are having a hard time affording to keep your pet, there are many organizations and resources throughout the U.S. that you can turn to for help. Start by reaching out to your local animal shelters and rescue organizations.  Many of them can provide assistance and guidance.  There are several national organizations as well – here is a few of our favorites.

  • Pet Fund – is a nonprofit association created to give financial assistance for people who cannot afford medical care for their pet.
  • Red Rover – is a nonprofit organization that provides many different types of support and services for people with pets. We love that they “provide resources and support for anyone who loves animals but doesn’t know where to turn.”
  • Top Dog Foundation – This non-profit organization focuses specifically on senior dogs.
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To find a low cost or free service for spaying and neuturing click here >Spay Neuter Services.

The Humane Society of the U.S. also provides a helpful listing of available resources regional and national. Click here to access that list of organizations >Financial Assistance for Pet Owners

WagBrag’s co-founder, Russ Boles, has a deep history in animal rescue and welfare. For the past 12 years, Russ has served in various roles with Atlanta-based animal advocacy organizations focused on rescue, training and education. In addition, Russ led a local rescue volunteer team into New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina, assisting in efforts to rescue and care for stranded animals. This experience changed his life, and animal rescue and advocacy will always be a part of everything he does.