The English Bulldog – Strong, Affectionate and Intelligent


English Bulldog Information

The English Bulldog might be considered the “couch potato” of the canine world, but they weren’t always that way.

English Bulldog History

Originally, they were bred in England during the 1700’s for the purpose of guarding and controlling bulls. They were strong, powerful, and, with their wrinkled skin and short snouts, were able to take on–and survive–the most aggressive bull. Today’s descendents are nothing like their intense ancestors, however. Today, the bulldog would rather lay on the couch than fight anything. The last remnants of their ancient ancestors is in the classic underbite and, of course, the stubborn streak for which they’re known.

This breed is determined and strong, but gentle , affectionate, and intelligent. English Bulldogs cannot endure extreme temperature fluctuations and would much prefer a climate controlled environment. The breed is not considered to be athletic, although they have been trained to skateboard and surf. When doing water sports, be sure your Bulldog wears a life vest, as they are not natural swimmers with their heavy frames and short legs. They’re very happy with just a short walk instead of exhausting workouts.


Shedding And Health Concerns

As a rule, English Bulldogs don’t shed as much as other dogs and seasonal shedding in the spring and fall is normal. Because their hair is naturally short and fine, it might be difficult to remove from clothing and/or furniture. There are a few health concerns of which you should be aware. Overheating and breathing issues such as airway obstructions are a problem for the Bulldog. These are also the reasons they are unable to tolerate heat and extreme physical exercise. They are also subject to hip dysplasia.

The Breed’s Appearance

The typical Bulldog stands 12 to 14 inches tall at the shoulder and are somewhat longer than they are tall. Their distinguishing assets are their large heads, facial wrinkles, and their small nose. Other features include wide shoulders and physically powerful thick bodies. They have short, fine fur with colorings that can range from brindle to solid with white markings or blotched with red, pale yellow, or cream. Their representative weight runs 40 to 50 pounds. They are recognized by the AKC in the Non-Sporting group and are considered to be medium-sized dogs.

The English Bulldog’s Personality

Bulldogs are, overall, a good natured breed , they’re sturdy, and they love being homebodies. They would prefer a nice, relaxed atmosphere with no racing around. This dog is a good choice for a person who has a small home with little to no yard space, and who enjoys wet slobbery dog kisses and lots of affection. Bulldogs are not known to be barkers, but they do make noises like grunts, sniffles, and snorts. Unfortunately, they are also known to pass gas and they drool. Their flatulation is most likely due to them being inactive, however, diet or a more serious conditions may be the culprit so please consult with your veterinarian.

The breed is very loyal to their human family. The Bulldog, by nature, is patient with children and, when socialized, does well with other animals.

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