Laser Therapy for Pets – Top 10 Benefits


One of the most exciting, alternative treatlaser therapy for pets, laser therapy for catsments available is laser therapy for pets. According to the GA Veterinary Rehabilitation Clinic, “Laser therapy for pets has been shown to relieve pain from muscle and joint soreness, relieve symptoms of arthritis, relax muscle spasms and increase blood flow to an area, helping wounds to heal.” A therapeutic laser provides the benefits of oral or injectable medications without the typical side effects. While not all chronic conditions can be completely healed, the success rate is quite high and marked improvements are made without the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, especially with arthritis and joint pain. Relief for your pet may be possible without drugs or surgery.

Laser Therapy For Has Been Around for Decades

It is suitable for both dogs and cats, producing a mild, soothing heat over the area of treatment. There is plenty of science to back up the treatment that involves a laser light. Many may wonder if this is just the latest fad in pet care options. But, Narda Robinson (DO, DVM) explains, “Laser therapy has existed for decades and was adopted by human medicine long before it fully emerged as an adjunctive healing technique for animals.  It has gained a foothold in the U.S. and British military, Olympic teams, and pain clinics across the United States and Europe”. It penetrates deep into the tissue, providing energy that stimulates cellular respiration to promote the healing process. This light energy also reduces the transmission of pain signals throughout the central nervous system. The result is decreased pain and an increased rate of healing for your pet.

Plan your Pet’s Therapy

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Dexter sporting his protective eye wear during his laser therapy at the Ga Veterinary Rehabilitation Clinic.

Initially, your veterinarian will plan your pet’s therapy treatments that take approximately ten minutes or less. Your four-legged friend should benefit within the first two to three sessions that are often scheduled during the first week of treatment. Afterwards, sessions are scheduled based on your pet’s condition, usually every two to four weeks or as needed.

Top 10 Benefits of Laser Therapy

The costs are reasonable and dependent on the number of joints or condition needing treatment. The benefits of

healing for your pet cannot be ignored and are endless. Here are the top ten benefits of laser therapy:

  1. Pain reduction with less edema or swelling
  2. Reduced inflammation
  3. Faster tissue repair and cell growth
  4. Formation of new capillaries in damaged tissues that speeds up the healing process.
  5. Creation of more enzymes and oxygen in affected areas
  6. Stimulates acupuncture points and muscle trigger points for effective pain relief.
  7. Reduces the formation of scar tissue from cuts, surgery, burns or scratches
  8. Improved nerve function
  9. Boosts the immune system
  10. Wounds heal faster

The clinical trials and studies done on laser therapy for pets continue to show the benefits on tissues and cells. Wounds close quicker, muscles respond efficiently and damaged tissue can be repaired without drugs and nasty side effects. There is no better way to help your pet heal faster without pain through laser therapy treatments. Ask your veterinarian for more information.

Laser Therapy for Pets, pet laser therapy, cat laser therapy
Laser Therapy for Pets


Reviewed and approved by Dr. David L. Roberts, DVM

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