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home 4 the holidays

The holiday season sees more animals brought into families than the rest of the year combined. Blue Buffalo’s Home 4 the Holidays Campaign is designed to take advantage of that. The goal is to find good homes for some of the thousands of orphaned pets languishing in shelters, coming closer to death every day that goes by without the intervention of adoption.

Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays Campaign implores you to bypass the puppy mills and backyard breeders, whose method of providing puppies is inhumane and unconscionable.  We cannot stop this horrible practice overnight, but if we refuse to participate in this injustice, puppy mills will eventually go out of business.

Home 4 The Holidays Growing Exponentially

The Home 4 the Holidays Campaign is the brain child of the Helen Woodward Animal Center.  In 1999 the center organized an adoption drive in the San Diego area, partnering with 14 local shelters, providing homes for more than 2,500 pets, each going home with a holiday meal of pet food.  Fifteen years later, the effort has grown exponentially, encompassing the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

The Campaign

The campaign runs for three months, involving over 4,200 adoption agencies and rescue groups, and has saved more than 9 million pets since its inception in 1999.  The Home 4 the Holidays program provides its partners with a huge amount of support in the form of free supplies and marketing tools to help get the message out and increase adoptions.  They supply pet adoption packs to each group to hand out to new pet parents.

Each organization will receive adoption packs, in addition to sharing in the media coverage of this particular event.  Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays Campaign will provide information on how to plan and conduct a successful adoption event to maximize the impact.  Each organization will also receive a listing on the Home 4 the Holidays partner map, making it easier for potential pet parents to find them.

Share On Social Media

They are encouraging everyone to help through social media – simply talking about a pet and sharing their story on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will help them find homes. You can search for organizations or pets that you want to post about, just be sure to include a link to the pet adoption organization’s website!
They are asking everyone to help promote pet adoption by using #LightTheirWayHome

$1,000 Campaign Award

Each group has the opportunity to submit stories weekly about their own heartwarming adoptions during the duration of the campaign.  One submission will be chosen weekly to be featured on The Helen Woodward Animal Center’s blog, Pause for Tails.  The Helen Woodward Animal Center is the founding group of the Home 4 the Holidays Campaign.

At the end of the three month campaign, one group will be chosen and awarded a $1,000 donation to their organization.

Register Today

If you are with a rescue organization, all that is needed to get started and join this amazing drive is to register your organization on the website. Once registered, you’re now part of the effort to drastically reduce the number of homeless pets and the rate of euthanasia for those unlucky enough to remain too long in a shelter.

Today is a great day to sign up to help your organization’s adoptable pets find forever homes of their own, and to start your own heartwarming rescue storybook.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com