Don’t Forget Fido: Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets


Choosing pet gifts can be an easy, fun, and cheap yet rewarding endeavor. Unlike a lot of humans, our pets do not care how much we spend on them, so long as they enjoy it. Whether it’s a squeaky toy or bone, you probably have a good idea as to what makes your pets tick based on what perks them up.While shopping for all the humans in your life this holiday season, don’t forget your real best friend — your pet! Here are some great ideas…

Holiday Pet Treats

holiday pet gifts

As far as pets are concerned, food is a gift that almost never disappoints. Think of how your dog or cat circles the table and follows you around whenever you’re eating, well, anything. Imagine how excited your pet would be if, for once, you presented them with a plate of delicious cuisine cooked just for them. You can make homemade treats for your dog or cat in your own oven.

Pet Toys

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Every pet has had a favorite toy. On average, pets have very basic desires that reveal themselves by how they prefer to spend the majority of their time. Does your dog like to play tug of war? Then buy them a nifty new rope or better yet, make one out of worn t-shirts or blankets.

Does your cat love play-fighting? Bring your cat some holiday cheer by tying two bells to the ends of a shoestring, dangle them in your cat’s sight, and listen to the bells jingle all the way as your feline friend gleefully swats at them before wrestling with them on the ground. Everyone wins with chew toys, especially the ones that squeak.

DIY Ideas

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What seems like a shoddy DIY item to us might seem luxurious to your pets. Hamsters and ferrets would love to crawl through a tunnel system made out of large paper towel rolls or spare tubing, so long as they’re very ventilated and preferably see-through. To your cat, that pile of cardboard boxes in the corner is a mansion in need of exploration. The best gift I ever gave a cat was a yarn pit or, literally, a big basket full of unraveled yarn balls in which she could lie down or play, depending on her mood. It was a gift that kept giving until the yarn needed to be replaced. Treat your dog to blankets or buy them a large comfy pillow of their own.

Happy Holidays!

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Do you know of any other great holiday pet gifts?