How Our Cats Entertain Us


Pets offer so much joy and companionship to children. We honor that special bond by granting guest post privileges to youth who want to share stories and observations about their furry friends. 

Written By: Caroline Roper

If you are an experienced cat owner then you have probably seen your furry felines caught in some sticky situations and have probably seen some strange things that your cat can do. The different kinds of mischief that your cat gets into can reflect on its personality.

Let’s face it all cats have one thing in common, they are very nosey animals. That’s just the way they are. My cat Mindee likes small spaces, to hunt, and will do whatever she can just to get food.  Mindee is very food motivated, so if I can’t find her then I just shake the treat bag and she will come running. Here are some interesting things that Mindee does that your cat might do too.

Cats Playing Fetch

how our cats entertain us

My cat Mindee has a unique game that she loves to play. Believe it or not, cats can play fetch. Yours might not but mine does. We did not have to teach Mindee to play fetch, the day we got her we would throw her toys and she would bring them back to us. Cats fetch because of their wild instinct of hunting.

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Cat Chat

how our cats entertain us

Mindee is a talker. If you ask her if she’s pretty or how she’s doing she will just start meowing and you can have a full on conversation with her. If she wants something or is not happy she will give you these sassy meows and will show you what she wants. She also talks to the bugs out the window, she has this short scratchy meow or a chirp when she talks to them. Her “don’t bother me meow” means don’t touch me or I will attack your hand.

How Mindee Shows She Is Annoyed

We all know that when a cat gets angry it will hiss. But Mindee also has a strange habit of clicking her tongue when she gets upset. Yes, you just read that. I have learned that the hard way about a year ago my family got a puppy. Boy, was Mindee mad. That puppy got right up in her face and she got so mad she smacked him and clicked her tongue. We didn’t know what it was at first but then we realized that it was her.

how our cats entertain us

Cats can do many more strange things and they all have different personalities. There are so many fun and interesting things to learn about cats. Thanks for reading.


Caroline is a middle schooler. She enjoys hiking, reading, lacrosse, and soccer. Caroline loves all things about animals.