How To Train Your Dog To Find Your Cell Phone With Wellness RawRev


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train Your Dog To Find Your Cell Phone, Wellness RawRev review

Keeping fit and healthy is important for me and my dog. This summer, I started my dog, Rio, on Wellness® CORE® RawRev™ dog food. It’s a convenient and safe way to incorporate raw into my dog’s diet. We’re also figuring out how to stay active indoors. Don’t get me wrong, Rio is active and fit – we love the great outdoors. But with the soaring summer temperatures, if we are hiking then we better be on an ultra shady trail with lots of water around for Rio to jump in and cool off.

Surprisingly, one of the best ways to tire out a dog is to engage them in nose work. It’s both mentally and physically stimulating. I’ve done some nose work with Rio and after about 45 mins to an hour he is exhausted. So when your dog gets bored and you’re cooped up inside on a hot day, here is a fun game to teach your dog that involves nose work. This is also a great party trick that will amaze your friends.

Training Treat Tip. Instead of training treats, I use Wellness Core RawRev kibble. It’s a grain-free nutrient rich kibble which contains glucosamine and chondroitin for strong joints. So I reduce Rio’s normal feeding amount and use the RawRev kibble during our training sessions. It’s a wonderful and healthy substitute for treats. My dog craves the freeze dried kibble that is made from 100% raw meat. Additionally, it’s high in protein and low in carbs so it will keep your dog fit and trim.

wellness core rawrev review, rawrev review

5 Steps On How To Train Your Dog To Find Your Cell Phone Using RawRev

These steps could be applied to train your dog to find your cell phone or just about anything you want your dog to find – like your keys, wallet, etc.

1. Start by placing the food on the iPhone close by your dog in clear sight. You’re not trying to hide it yet. Just make it really, really easy for him to see it and get the yummy RawRev food. Give him a cue like, “Find” or “Search”. Do this a handful of times until your dog appears to be actively paying attention and waiting for you to place food on the iPhone again.

2. Move the iPhone around to other locations. You still want to keep the iPhone in clear sight and about at eye level for your dog. Again, make this very easy for your dog to find. You want to build their confidence and make it fun. Do this step several times.

3. Next, place the iPhone in locations other than eye level. You want your dog to learn to find your iPhone on the ground and higher places.  Still, keep the iPhone in clear sight. Repeat several times. By now you should see your dog start to scan the room in attempts to quickly locate the iPhone.  Successfully finding the iPhone with the food on it is the key to a fun game. Now is a good time to start your reward transition – instead of placing the RawRev on the iPhone, physically give your dog the reward once he finds the phone.

4. Now partially hide the phone. For example, stuff the iPhone in between two seat cushions while only half of the iPhone is visible. Or put a towel or blanket over part of the iPhone. Get creative! But you are still trying to build your dog’s confidence. Don’t make it too difficult. The goal is to teach your dog to rely on his nose instead of using his eyes.

5. I recommend doing several short sessions of step 1 – 4 before moving on to this step.  Now start hiding the iPhone and watch your dog go to work.

I also like to use boxes – like the shell game. I used several boxes of assorted sizes during training steps 1 – 4 with Rio. In fact, you could play the simple shell game with just the RawRev kibble. Place some under one box, shuffle the boxes around and see if your furry friend can sniff it out.

Regardless of the activity you do inside with your dog, incorporating a diet that supports whole body and longevity like Wellness RawRev will help keep your dog healthy and strong – everything your dog needs to strive to the core.

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train Your Dog To Find Your Cell Phone, wellness rawrev review

train Your Dog To Find Your Cell Phone, wellness rawrev review

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