Abandoned On The Streets Of Los Angeles


Lulu’s Story

Lulu was aimlessly wandering the streets of Los Angeles along with her son, Cash, when a kind stranger recognized her and led authorities to a neighbor’s house nearby. Unfortunately, it was no loving home that Lulu was returned to. The man who “owned” the dogs had taken Lulu off the streets but he was only interested in breeding her for puppies. He did not want Lulu any longer, because he had already bred her and had the puppies he wanted. So, Lulu and Cash were dropped off at the local animal shelter.

Lulu’s Life In Jeopardy

Fortunately, Cash was adopted quickly; however Lulu was left behind at the shelter. She waited several more weeks for someone to notice what a sweet and loving dog she is. Soon, the shelter became overcrowded, and Lulu’s life was in jeopardy – she was at risk of being euthanized.  But a little bit of luck was on Lulu’s side.  The kind stranger who had originally found her wandering the streets decided to foster her – determined and certain that Lulu would eventually find a loving home. Lulu is still in foster care, awaiting her “forever” home.

About Lulu

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Lulu is sweet, gentle and very relaxed 3.5 year old Pit Bull mix. She loves to chill out with her human friends, cuddling and sleeping on the bed. She is great with other dogs, big and small, as well as with babies, kids and both genders. She is a quiet, mellow girl who does not bark much. Lulu is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on all of her shots.

Won’t you consider being Lulu’s forever home??

If you are interested in Lulu, or would like to see other dogs available for adoption, please email designerdogrescue@gmail.com, visit our website at designerdogrescue.com or view our Facebook page at facebook.com/designerdogrescue.


About Designer Dog Rescue:

We are a small-scale dog rescue located in Los Angeles, dedicated to saving “designer breed dogs”, also known as “mutts” from the Los Angeles shelter system. What’s interesting about the term “designer” dog breeds is that these dogs are all just adorable (but trendy) mutts! Remember that shelters are full of adorable mutts desperately in need of homes. Adoption is the best option! And we are here to help these mutts transition from shelter life and into forever homes.

Our mission is to rescue unwanted dogs from Los Angeles shelters and to provide education about the misunderstood “mutt”. We also strive to bring awareness to the growing problem of backyard breeders producing “designer dog” breeds without a thought to the health of the animal or the same types of mixed breeds already available within the shelter system.

Our rescue follows the no-kill policy and is operated solely by volunteers with an emphasis on foster homes, until we are able to have a physical rescue facility.

WagBrag’s co-founder, Russ Boles, has a deep history in animal rescue and welfare. For the past 12 years, Russ has served in various roles with Atlanta-based animal advocacy organizations focused on rescue, training and education. In addition, Russ led a local rescue volunteer team into New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina, assisting in efforts to rescue and care for stranded animals. This experience changed his life, and animal rescue and advocacy will always be a part of everything he does.