Saving Dogs’ Lives – WagBrag Partners With Rescue Me GA


Through the “Very Special Pets” (VSP) program, WagBrag partners with no-kill pet rescue organizations that have a reputation in their community for doing excellent work. Wagbrag provides funding to permanently sponsor a portion of the real estate within the shelter, such as a dog kennel or a cathouse. Throughout the year, any pets housed in that space become the Wagbrag Very Special Pets, and are sponsored by WagBrag.

Rescue Me GA – Recipient of the WagBrag VSP Donation

The latest recipient of the WagBrag VSP donation is Rescue Me GA (RMG), a 501c3 non profit rescue organization dedicated to saving the forgotten dogs of Jasper County, Georgia.

Shortly after the donation, RMG was able to save eight extremely neglected dog’s lives from a hoarding case.  Because of the donation, RMG was able to give these dogs the support they desperately needed. Marybeth Rathbun, Co-Founder of RMG wrote, “Your generosity has already helped to save lives…We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and from these little souls who had no chance.”

Photos of Rescued Dogs

One of the dogs rescued by RMG received a much deserved extreme makeover.  The ‘before and after’ photos are amazing.

Below are some addition photos of the dogs saved by Rescue Me GA.


Featured image: iStock

WagBrag’s co-founder, Russ Boles, has a deep history in animal rescue and welfare. For the past 12 years, Russ has served in various roles with Atlanta-based animal advocacy organizations focused on rescue, training and education. In addition, Russ led a local rescue volunteer team into New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina, assisting in efforts to rescue and care for stranded animals. This experience changed his life, and animal rescue and advocacy will always be a part of everything he does.