The Clumber Spaniel – Loyal, Steadfast and Affectionate


Clumber SpanielIn the market for a gentle pup that also excels in field trials? Look no further than the Clumber spaniel.

The clumber is a medium to large sized dog and carries plenty of heft as well as fur. He’s an exceptional gun dog so if you need a canine that can keep up with you when you’re out hunting, this is the dog for you.

This post is dedicated to giving you a thumbnail sketch of this marvelous breed.

Breed History

This is one breed that can truly be described as an enigma. Why? We just don’t know a lot about how this breed came to be. It’s very possible that his cousin, the basset hound, as well as the Alpine spaniel may figure into the clumber’s genealogy.

It’s speculated that these spaniels originated in France and were sent to England during the height of the French Revolution. They went to live on the Duke of Newcastle’s Clumber Estate which is where the name comes from.


He has a ton of hair so if you aren’t into regular grooming sessions, she may not be the best choice. She’s heavy set as spaniels go, weighing between 55 pounds on the light side for a female and 85 pounds for a male.

Two important things to be aware of before buying that expensive clumber puppy: They shed and slobber. A lot.


Loyal, steadfast and affectionate with family members describes her attributes. She may be reserved, at first, around things with which she’s unfamiliar but does not have a reputation for aggressiveness.

She does, however, have a wicked sense of humor and will tend to look for trouble to get into well into her adolescent and adult years. It’s been said by some clumber owners that she never stops looking for a good time.

While she may look like a couch potato, she loves long walks and needs a couple of them per day to stay in shape and not get too flabby.clumber spaniel


Health Concerns

Obesity is a clumber’s Achilles heel and care must be taken to keep her weight in check. An overweight dog can lead to a number of health issues.

Clumbers also have the possibility of some eye problems including entropion and ectropion, dry eye and cataracts.

The best way to ensure that your new clumber puppy is in the best shape possible is to ask for health certificates on the parents and pups. And don’t take no for an answer from a breeder when you ask for the certificates.


As with any puppy, early training and sociability is key.

Make sure you start training as soon as paws hit your kitchen floor and continue throughout the clumber’s lifetime. Dogs love boundaries but this breed is also known for being independent thinkers and may decide that she needs to step up and be the alpha pack leader instead of you.

Grooming Requirements

Okay, this is where the rubber meets the road. These dogs shed a lot and also have a propensity to drool.

Bathing once a month will help keep her smelling fresh and clean.

Trim her nails and routinely check her ears for built up wax and dirt. Because the ear flaps hang down, there’s a tendency for ear infections.

The Clumber spaniel may be the perfect choice for your next family dog.

Thinking About Adding A Clumber Spaniel To Your Family?

Please consider adopting and please avoid purchasing an animal from a pet store. Click on the links below for Clumber dogs in need of adoption in the U.S.


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