The Bluetick Coonhound – Easygoing and Devoted


BlueTick Coonhound Breed Info

If you’re a hound freak and want a dog that’s flat out gorgeous, here’s some more info about the bluetick coonhound for your reading pleasure.

Bluetick Coonhound

Breed History

These dogs are descended from nobility. First from the French Grand Bleu de Gascoigne and then from the English foxhound. The bluetick’s American debut happened in the 18th century but it wasn’t until 2009 that the American Kennel Club recognized the breed as separate and distinct from his cousins.

The bluetick is currently ranked 119th in the AKC’s popularity poll.


Blue is, for the most part, a misnomer for the coloring in this dog’s coat. His fur has dark blue mottles that appear nearly black on his back, ears and sides.

Living as long as 12 to 14 years, the bluetick weighs anywhere from 45 to 80 pounds and stands, at shoulder, around two feet tall.


What’s the most charming trait of the Bluetick Coonhound? Yes, his coat is fascinating but it’s really his goofy nature that wins fans over every time.

Early training is a great idea especially because these guys love to announce any new scent they’ve come across. They bay and that’s a hound trait you cannot undo. Here’s the thing: Even when blueticks are naughty, they’re just too cute to be mad at for long.

Because of their unique voice, these hounds are better suited to a rural environment than a city apartment where he could disturb neighbors.

Bluetick Coonhound Breed

Health Concerns

Any animal, especially one that comes from a purebred background, can be prone to genetic health issues. For the bluetick, it tends to be hip dysplasia and bloat.

But these are things you can discuss with a reputable breeder. Do your homework first and find out who the best breeders are. Ask for references and call all of them. Then plan to visit a couple of breeders and check out their facilities.

Ask to see the parents and the puppies if possible and watch how they interact with each other. Any good breeder will come prepared for the most important health question: certificates. Any breeder who delays giving those certificates to you should be avoided.


While this breed may not be the easiest to train, if you’re consistent and patient she will go along with what you want her to do. Enrolling her in a puppy class at an early age is a great way to ensure training success.

A bluetick is highly intelligent and, if left to her own devices, she could make her own decisions despite what you would like her to do.

They love being outside and getting lots of exercise but it’s important to keep her on lead so she doesn’t go running off on the track of a delectable scent.

Grooming Requirements

Have you ever heard of a hound mitt? It’s a grooming tool that’s perfect for a bluetick. Regular brushing will help remove dead hair and dirt.

Thinking About Getting A Bluetick Coonhound?

Please consider adopting and please avoid purchasing an animal from a pet store. Click here to search for you a dog in need of adoption near you: <Petfinder>

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