Top Wackiest Pet Names of 2017


Our Kitten – Named After Andy Griffith TV Show Character With A Star Wars Twist

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Opie Wan Kenobi

We adopted a cute little kitten this year and the whole family had fun coming up with potential names. My wife and I finally decided on the name Opie – due to the kittens fluffy orange fur. When our 9-year-old daughter heard the name, she looked confused. She asked, “why would we name our cat after a Star Wars character?”.  We chuckled to ourselves and explained that the name is not Obie (as in Obie Wan Konobie), it’s Opie as in the character of the little boy played by Ron Howard on the old Andy Griffith TV show. We received a blank stare from our daughter. But our young son chimed in and he loved the idea of naming out kitten after a Star Wars character.

So we amusingly named our new kitten ‘Opie Wan Kenobi’.  Who knew, but we had almost given our new kitten one of the cat names from the top ten 2017 Wackiest Pet Names – Obie Wan Catnobi.

Nationwide Insurance Announces Wackiest Pet Names of 2017

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According to the company’s website, Nationwide is the first and largest pet healthcare provider in the United States. They have over 600,000 insured pets. After they thoroughly reviewed the pet names from their insured database, Nationwide then asked the public to vote on the top wackiest names. Here they are…

Top 10 Wackiest Dog Names

  1. Dunkin Butterbeans
  2. Cheesebro
  3. Choo Choo Boo Boo
  4. Empress Tzu Tzu
  5. Farrah Pawcett
  6. Fiona Penny Pickles
  7. Monsieur Le Colonel Moustache
  8. Tango Mango
  9. The Other Dude
  10. Yeti Sphaghetti

Top 10 Wackiest Cat Names

  1. Little Booty Ham Sandwich
  2. Dog The Cat
  3. Fifty Shades Of Graham
  4. Isaac Mewton
  5. Jabba The Butt
  6. Ninja Killer Nine Thousand
  7. Obi Wan Catnobi
  8. The Great Catsby
  9. Whiskerus Maximus
  10. Winston Purrchill

For the full list of the 50 wackiest dog and cat names, along with photos and stories of the winners and top 10 nomiees,  visit

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