What You Need to Know About Electronic Doggie Doors


Doggie Doors

Anyone who owns a dog knows that they rarely like to stay in one place for too long. In fact, canines practically welcome any opportunity where they get to go outside and run around your back yard. However, we do not always have the time and energy to let our dogs in and out of the house whenever they please. To combat this issue, companies have created an electronic pet door. Now, dogs can enter and exit your yard without having to bother you in the process.

Pros of Electronic Doggie Doors

Of course one of the main perks of an electronic doggie door is that, as mentioned, you do not have to drop everything you are doing to let your pet roam outdoors. Instead, this product gives you the freedom to let your pet be, while still making sure that they get the exercise they need in the process. Besides this, an advantage is that when your dog enters your home from outside, the door closes right away behind him. In fact, it even locks in the process. This helps make sure that no other pets, whether it is a stray cat or a wild animal, comes in with your dog as well. As this electronic doggie door keeps unwanted animals out of your home, it also does the same with human beings. Now, no intruder can attempt to break into your house through it. Remember, if you are one of those individuals who have a multitude of pets, you can even put in a setting where only dogs that have a “key” on their collars can get in and out. This way your other pets that are located inside do not end up getting into the mix.

Cons of Electronic Doggie Doors

Like with practically any product, there are faults to this system. Electronic doggie doors have the possibility to become jammed up, which means it will stop working and you will have to get it repaired or replaced. Similar to this, the pet door can just completely break on you and your pet. However, in a worse scenario, your dog’s collar attachment, which works as a “key”, can fall off. If this happens, your pet will not be able to reenter your home and will have to wait until you are available to get back in. It is recommended that you check your system every day to try to prevent these types of issues from happening.

Some more cons that come with electronic doggie doors are that you have to change or charge both the collar and door batteries regularly. This will help avoid any kind of issues like your dog being locked outside from happening.  It is important to also keep in mind that if you are someone who uses a radio frequency signal for your pet door system, you will have to leave your appliances and other electronic devices far away from your door. That is because their signal could interfere with your door working properly.


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