5 Cool Pet Gift Ideas


cool pet gift ideas

The holidays are coming and the goose is getting fat. Please give your doggie more than a Santa hat! All kidding aside, you dog is important to you all year-round so when it comes to getting them something special, what does your canine friend look forward to underneath the tree?  If you’re unsure about what to get, we’ve listed a few cool pet gift ideas of our own below:

1. A Grooming Kit

Grooming kits come in all shapes, sizes and prices. It’s important to look for one with the correct type of brush for your dog’s fur; rubber brushes for short fur dogs and a wire brush for dogs with longer fur. A well groomed pet is a happy and healthier pet. A grooming kit should also include clippers for the nails when they grow long, a comb, the brush and various other tools.

2. A Relaxing Day at the Spa

Ah the spa! Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional pampering? Would you believe that many dog care places actually offer spa-like treatments for your dog? There are scented oils they rub into the fur, grooming such as brushing and bathing and nail clipping, and doggie massages to whisk the stress of the day away. When it comes to your pooch, sometimes spoiling them is worth it.

3. Self-warming dog beds

As your dog ages, their joints become stiffer and painful. Sometimes the develop arthritis. There are many different choices of dog beds available, some even at your local mega store. You might have to look around at different pet shops to find out which beds actually help radiate the dog’s heat back to him to help make him comfortable. On cold winter nights sometime you dog will need that extra heat to help sooth their painful joints and keep them warm.

4. Dog Harnesses

We’ve all had it happen to us when we’re out walking our dogs. They pull against the leash and go too far and end up yelping as the leash goes taut and the collar chokes them. A harness is attractive, stylish, and a more humane way to walk your pooch without causing pain or injury. Dog trainers prefer harnesses because it’s more comfortable for the dog and allows you to have easier control.


5. Personalized Dog Collars and Dog Tags

I know I said five things to consider this holiday season, so I wrapped up these two into one. After measuring your dog’s neck to find the correct size, an important step, the next thing to do is shop around to see what you like. Some stores even allow you to try the collar on before you buy it, to see if it looks good or to see if your dog will even tolerate it. Dog tags are an additional gift idea. We all need dog tags and it doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have. Together, the dog collar and tag should be stylish, something the dog is comfortable wearing, and should have pertinent information in case the dog is lost somehow. Your name, number, and address should be engraved on the tags and make sure you update the information if your phone number or address changes.


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